Maester Aladare Rudolphus

Brown haired blue eyed maester. Wears grey nobles clothing and various jewels of a courtier. He wears his Maesters chain as well.


Attractive charismatic noble maester. Wears grey courties outfits, maesters chain,jewelry and cloak. He carries a dagger of Valyrian steel his only remembrance from his father who was a Braavosi merchant.


Aladare Rudolphus was raised in Oldtown. He attended the citadel at a young age and is quite skilled in healing, occult knowledge and history. He speaks High Valyrian, Braavosi, Westrosi and has recently picked up some Old Tongue as well.He is an avid poet and somewhat of a rake. More than one noblewoman has succumbed to his charms. He met Wyk at the wedding tournament and has followed him since, intrigued that a bastard of such low birth could attain so much so fast.

Maester Aladare Rudolphus

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