Killian of Old Wine

Dressed in hooded cloak, ringmail leathers, soft leather boots and carries a longsword and weirwood longbow.


Medium build 5’11 blonde-brown hair and brown eyes.


Killian was Born in the village of Old Wine in the domain of House Herne , sworn to Lord Stark of Winterfell. Your father was an expert bowyer and died in the war with Bolton, in which you also fought. Your mother died giving Birth to her second daughter Bess. Your other sisters are married to men in the Flint lands to the south and you haven’t talked to them in years. You met your wife Ailis while she was doing laundry by a stream. She was the most beautiful girl you had ever seen. It was a long and hard courtship, and it took you months to prove yourself to her father and brothers, but they agreed after you proved yourself an able warrior and gained a comission with Lord Herne. You had your first child, Eda and then your son Tyrek. Life was good. And then Bolton started a war and Stark called his banners. You fought and saw many atrocities and your father died, as did Ailis’s father and brothers. You alone remained. Since, you have gained a comission as warden of the Hernewood. But recently you’ve made a friend in the Stark Bastard Wyk and gained a place in the service of Wyk Qogrimm. Now that he has made his own name by orders of Lord Brandon Stark. Wyk needs to tame his lands, kill off some unsavory thugs and win over the people. Your pretty sure he can do it, from everything you have seen he is a man of honor. and he killed a giant. Gods what a blow that was! service with Wyk means more money, fame and noteriety.

Killian of Old Wine

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