Bearn Mormont

Tall, muscular and hairy. Bearn is twice as wide as most men and has a shaggy beard and long brown hair. He loves wine women and fighting.


Bearn Mormont Is the fifth son of house Mormont of Bear Island. He grew up happy on bear Island and cares for his friends and family very much. He went south to seek adventure and gain glory.


Bearn Mormont met WYk and Nicholas Rivers at the wedding tournament at Weirwood Hall when he travelled there with his five brothers.He had a fistfight with Nicholas Rivers at the Lords table after a misunderstanding. Bearn demanded satisfaction from Nicholas rivers at the melee, defeated him and became fast friends with Wyk. He is the 5th son of the first Lord Mormont. He has since made amends with Nicholas and is a constant companion. Bearn is quite a drinker and loves women, bauwdy songs and a good fight. During the sack of White Harbor he stood with his companions on the harbor docks fighting Ironborn raiders. His arm was cleaved off in personal combat with an ironborn Captain named Jared Bloodaxe. He has since been bedridden, although he demanded that Wyk take him north with him. He is now healing his wounds anxious to get back in the action. He has brought his wench with him to tend his wounds, a pretty, big-boned happy girl named Betha.

Bearn Mormont

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