• Killian of Old Wine

    Killian of Old Wine

    Dressed in hooded cloak, ringmail leathers, soft leather boots and carries a longsword and weirwood longbow.
  • Maester Aladare Rudolphus

    Maester Aladare Rudolphus

    Brown haired blue eyed maester. Wears grey nobles clothing and various jewels of a courtier. He wears his Maesters chain as well.
  • Nicholas Rivers

    Nicholas Rivers

    Tall, lean dressed in chain mail and dressed in a purple tabard with two black serpentine dragons opposite across chest.
  • Palantyr  "Tyr" Snow

    Palantyr "Tyr" Snow

    Tyr is tall dark and brooding. He has a wiry thin frame of solid muscle. He has dark brown hair and grey eyes.
  • Sarn Horvath

    Sarn Horvath

    Tall, heavily muscled with long jet black hair and grey eyes. Wears plate and black tabard with a dripping blood soaked hand.
  • Bearn Mormont

    Bearn Mormont

    Tall, muscular and hairy. Bearn is twice as wide as most men and has a shaggy beard and long brown hair. He loves wine women and fighting.
  • Gargyle of Sisterton

    Gargyle of Sisterton

    Tall, broad-shouldered, bald with a shaggy red beard. Wearing full plate and a ladies dress of flowers! Carries a woodharp and Warhammer.
  • List of NPC's

    List of NPC's

    All of the people the characters have encountered so far