The Valorous Bastards

session 10

Wyk and his companions begin making their way up river on Magella’s ship. They make friendly with the fisherfolk of Vair. An out of towner from Blackbriar tells the disturbing story of the Brigand Black Hugo and his band rampaging across the countryside. Black hugo had taken the Reeves daughter and demanded payment from the village monthly or he would send the father the girls body parts each week as interest until he was paid. He cut the Reeves leg off in the battle and left him for dead. Wyk gathered 26 archers and 25 men at arms and 16 select noble companions to find Black Hugo and put and end to his violence for good. They started heading that way.

Meanwhile, two captives of Black Hugos band, Glissando and Orryn of Blackbriar sat rotting in an obliette cell with Anders, an old man Hugo was waiting ransome on. Fanged Maggy an insane woman with filed teeth and a quick temper opened the trap door and shot the man Anders with two arrows after he refused to come up the ladder for his execution. Seems his family refused to pay his ransom. Maggie laughed and told the men Anders is what they would be eating for the next few weeks. She laughed threw them down some water and slammed the trap door shut. They heard the guards and Maggie mocking them. As Anders lay dying of an arrow in the stomach Orryn put the man out of his misery. Glissando stood shocked as he did this but the man’s incessant mewling was getting on his nerves. Orryn took the arrows out and began digging handholds into the walls of the cellar so he could climb out. Glissando thought this was an excellent idea and kept an eye out. Once he reached the top Orryn called his pet ferret. Maggie had kept the beast as a pet. (I rolled on her smarts she failed). The beast followed Orryns voice and picked the keys off the table. Orryn managed to slide the peephole open and unlocked the lock and slid the huge trap door open with a muffled boom. Luckily the brigands were busy carousing in the main hall and no one heard the noise. He lowered the ladder and Glissando climbed out. The two found a makeshift kitchen and grabbed a butchers cleaver and a knife and scouted out the next room. They saw four bandits sleeping on mats and two rolling dice. One rolling dice had Glissandos rapier on him. The two snuck up on the first sleeping man and cut his throat. Once again no one heard and they moved forward. As Orryn dispatched the second man Glissando charged and hacked into the unaware guards head with the cleaver killing him instantly. As the man tumbled down Glissando slid his rapier free of the man’s belt and with a flourish was sliced by his new opponent. Orryn made quick work of the two regaining their sense from sleep and helped Glissando free himself from his new opponent. Glissando took another wound and began to falter. The two found their equipment in the room among the dead guards stash. They ran down the corridor to sunlight and were attacked by five more guards. Glissando tried to fake them out by telling them that they were ordered to relive them and Black Hugo wanted to speak with them. They failed miserably. And the guards attacked. Glissando took another wound and fell. Leaving Orryn to clean up the rest. After some tense combat Orryn managed to kill the men and Glissando recovered and fled into the woods. Orryn and Glissando made their way through the woods at a fast pace. After about thirty minutes they heard the sound of a hunting horn blow from the direction of the bandit camp. They knew they were being pursued. Later that night, they heard horses but the darkness was too thick for them to get a good look at their pursuers. They heard a voice in the woods. “I’ll give you two a head start and then I’m going to start hunting you” They reconised it as Redjack’s voice. He was Black Hugo’s hatchet man. A ruthless killer. They fled. Later Redjack flew at them from the darkness and made a hit and run sport of chasing them and cutting them with his hand axes before he disappeared again into darkness. They heard him ask Fanged Maggie if she was going to fuck them before killing them. She replied with she had lots of plans for them. They fled heading toward Blackbriar. Redjack cornered them and attacked them in a clearing. A huge Kodiak Bear seemed to appear out of nowhere and attack Redjack. He fled with Fanged maggie on her horse. Wyk and his men camped in the woods overnight and Cecil Potts told Nicholas that he would find a rabbit for their supper. Killian, intrigued watched the boy and after a short while came out of the woods and taught the boy how to catch a rabbit after he realized Cecil didn’t know the first thing about hunting. Later they caught a Vole and brought it back to camp. Killian taught the boy how to skin the animal and prepare it. Cecil wanted armor and was anxious to have some soon. The next day they set out to Blackbriar and arrived late in the morning. They met Caine the crippled village reeve and Blackie, blackbriars pet bear. Blackie was the villages claim to fame an ale guzzling black bear! The characters had fun with this and began carousing and meeting the locals.

Glissando and Orryn ran hard for Blackbriar. After running all night they came upon the town mid morning to see a huge force of knights and men at arms with the Karstark arms on their doublets. They were relieved. They met Wyk and told him of what happened. After meeting Orryn’s grandmother, a surly old leech of negativity Orryn had abandoned at 16. Wyk began making preperations to go after Black Hugo and his men. Cecil asked Glissando about his skinny girlsword. Annoyed Glissando drew his weapon and made a flourish but was restrained by Wyks men, unsure of his actions. Nicholas was ordered to watch Glissando. Killian and Orryn tracked his trail back to a huge barrow mound in the deep woods. Killian knew they were being watched. They maneuvered toward the back of the barrow and came up the south face and were ambushed by archers . Wyk and his men made short work of them with his men distingusihing themselves in combat. Black Hugo attempted to make an escape with the village Reeves daughter as captive but his horse was swarmed by a giant kodiak bear and Hugo was thrown from his mount. Rowena fled into the woods. The bear mauled the horse and began eating it. Black Hugo grabbed his axe and resigned himself to his fate he charged up the hill wanting death in combat. Wyk offered him to take the black. Hugo agreed and surrendered. Killian and his men captured four more bandits in the woods and found no sign of fanged maggie or Redjack. Cecil and Orryn and the rest looted the spoils. Glissando found an amulet and a hoard of gold and silver and four rings. Cecil found a leather cap and a chainmail coif. Armor at last! He wore it proudly and held himself a bit higher. Whenthe party chased after Rowena they mey Long Jon , Jondric of Greensong. An old friend of Caines, also the owner of the Kodiak grizzly that had saved the party twice. The party returned to Blackbriar as heroes. A feast and ale flowed all night. The maester found young Rowena was a willing dalliance in the blackbriar patch. And Brown Jim Robinsong composed some new songs. Caeregoth the sword maester stayed behind to help the locals build a motte and bailey fort. The rest returned to Vair. Along the way they stopped at Keythe as well and met the local fisherfolk. Glissando bought Gargyle of Sisterton a new dress and made a new friend. They told the locals of the capture of Black Hugo. They were impressed but wanted the man hanged. While on board the ship Glissando took guard duty and carved a wooden sword for Cecil and gave it to the boy. Thrilled Cecil went off to show Nicholas. While relieving one of the guards Glissando heard strange banging noises from Black Hugo’s cell. He told Wyk who opened the door and demanded to know what the men were doing. They feigned ignorance. When Wyk entered the room Black Hugo and his men jumped Wyk. Fully armored and carrying his Valyrian weapon he made short work of the men. Glissando shot black Hugo twice. The second shot pinned his face to the wall with a well placed arrow and he died there. Wyk cut the heads off the remaining scoundrels with Killians help. The guard mentioned that he had heard the men whispering that they had swallowed a ruby. Orryn, being a greedy son of a bitch cut the dead bodies and rifled through their intestines on the shore of the river until he found it. The next morning the crew left and began the journey upriver. As they approached Blue they saw beacon fires lit in wooden watchtowers along the coast of the river.



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