The Valorous Bastards

A Bloody Business

Our intrepid heroes are at The White Rush Inn and have been there for about three months. After making an alliance with the local warlord Wyk and his men set out to scout the settlements north of the White Rush. While scouting the river north in Magella’s ship, some local mountain men ambushed their boat. They dispatched the men after a hard climb up some cliffs. The Lannisters and Reynes went across the river to battle the other men on the far side. Wyk took hostages. After the Lannisters made quick work of their enemies they beheaded the survivors. Wyk freed his captives to the surprise of the Lannisters. Wyk made his captive an offer to guide them north to Caer Crannog Tru “The Troutport” to confront the bandit outlaw Caerlinc. After questioning the rustic they found out that Caerlinc was fighting the smugglers and mercenaries that had taken over the coast, but that he was definitely an enemy to Wyk and his men and any noble that wanted to declare themselves lord. A dangerous enemy.



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