The year is 47 after conquest. Maegor I, called Maegor the Cruel, the son of Aegon I and Visenya Is the current King of Westeros. He was the younger brother of Aenys I and served as his Hand during his rule. Under unknown circumstances he came to the Iron Throne ahead of his brother’s son, Jaehaerys. Maegor subdued and disbanded the Faith Militant during his reign with ruthless and brutal methods, earning him his nickname. He is currently finished building his great masterpiece, The Red Keep in Kings Landing. Currently the great Purge of the faith militant is happening in the south. While in the North little has changed in the last fifty years. The North is recovering from a war between House Bolton and House Stark and tensions are high . After months of fighting a land dispute was agreed upon and peace ensued. The former Lord Bolton was sent to the wall. His son Balor has taken his seat. Brandon Stark has set to rebuilding his kingdom. Gold, titles, and adventure can be had for those with enough courage to muster.

The Valorous Bastards